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        The Global Internship

Lets honestly ask ourselves an important question. 

How many of our young people have to fend for themselves economically?


What percentage of our young are swallowed up by and left to the mercy of cookie-cutter employee mills like McDonald’s, KFC or Burger King? For how many of our youth does the dream of meaningful employment look more like a Nightmare on Elm Street?


And when they manage to escape the mind numbing indoctrination of high school or college and are able to sidestep jail or in an early grave they are rewarded with student loans up to their eyeballs.


Not to mention the vain hope that they will land a job in the field for which they have degrees unless of course they attended the University of Walmart.


This chronic problem is easily solved. The Global Collective honors and respects the imperative of creating a legacy for our children and youth.


 Offering our young people guidance through internships during the most critical time in their lives provides an opportunity to teach and train them in every aspect of the businesses we create, and at the same time provide the members of the Collective with additional eager human resources.


Additionally, this unique tool provides a viable method for expanding the efforts and reach of the Collective. The Global Collective pairs young people, still in school or recent graduates with small minority owned businesses.


They are given a unique opportunity to participate in building a company from the ground up. How many people period, let alone young people can make that claim? Not many.


The Global Collective is able to provide a platform for young people to develop much needed, hands on business skills in an environment that allows them to explore different career paths in environments which promote entrepreneurialism. 


The Collective represents a golden opportunity to insert into our communities hope and inspiration where now there is gloom and melancholy. Ask yourself how many young people can this Internship program save from a sea of bad decisions that will influence the rest of their lives?


This program has the capacity to rehabilitate youth who have already been sucked into the vortex of the juvenile justice system.


We, the Global Collective, have a rare and unique opportunity to change the crooked course laid out for our children. So, Parents, Schools, Mentors contact us today. We must start arming our children with tangible skills they need to succeed.


The Global Collective is reaching out to and encouraging minority-owned businesses to join the ranks of the Collective. But what is preventing us from  developing our future business owners ourselves? The future is now.


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