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Investments made to the Global Collective represent an opportunity to contribute directly and concretely both to the small minority-owned businesses that make up the Collective and the Collective’s charitable initiatives.


Both monetary Investments and Investments of services are encouraged and welcomed. If you have a business or a skill set that you would like to offer as a contribution it is welcome. Investors can redeem the return of their Investments in multiple ways. The Global Collective wants participating businesses to retain full ownership of their company and assets, so we focus on longer term, low interest loan payment options.


Investors can also benefit from the Services offered by the Collective for a pre-determined amount of time that monetarily coincides with the Investment amount.  Donations in the form of materials, land, property, vehicles, services or funds are also welcomed. Ten percent of each Investment channeled through the Collective will be used for "The Global Charitable Initiatives" referenced on the Services tab. The investment funds will be used to expand the business infrastructure of one or more small businesses within the collective. Each “investment agreement” will include as a part of the agreement the use of a Financial Advisor within the Collective to ensure the funds are used in the best possible way.  


The overall goal will be to use the investment within the Collective to create our own self-sustaining economy. It will make available certain services that may have been seen as financially out of reach. You can start to make a difference now by simply investing.


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