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The Dawn of a new age is on the horizon. And it is rising like the Phoenix from the ashes of hypocrisy, cruelty and mendacity that define the current age. Hope is at a record low. Fear is at an all time high. These signs of dissatisfaction demand a change—a new age.

Those who are and will be a part of this new age must bear the mark of the burning need to build and hold meaningful relationships while fashioning a sustainable world from the crumbling social and physical infrastructure of this one. We, the Minority Men and Women of The Global Collective must be the vanguard of this dawning. We must be the light bursting through the darkness to make life better for all humans..


Every other race of people has their own support system for sustainability except us, we have nothing collectively. We "The Global Collective" will and must be the catalyst to change our circumstance and the World. There are far too many minority owned businesses that will never reach their full potential because they are standing alone without the support of the idea represented by the Collective. We built this Country and yet we have never fully asserted our right to enjoy the fruit of our mental, physical and spiritual labor.


We loath to admit it, but we still blindly follow the orders of those who once considered themselves our masters. Our people live in poverty and consistently self-medicate to drown out the pain and "we" do nothing. We are still fighting to be accepted in a society that will never treat us as equals until we behave like equals. So let's stop looking for hand-outs and create our own. Our lives can be anything we want them to be. What is stopping us from creating our own New World Order? One that makes sense and is geared toward our flourishing and not our extinction.











The answer—Nothing! The Global Collective is emerging as a force to be reckoned with as a part of the new age; a beacon of hope and inspiration to attract all those who really want a different reality for their families, their children and their future. The Global Collective is predicated on the idea that the pursuit of excellence and profitability in business does not preclude expending energy in the effort to extend a helping hand to those whose means do not yet match their dreams.


The time is right for a new business model; a model that embraces the viability and sustainability of merging collective self-help as part of a strategy for creating business growth with a global reach. We already have global separation, global catastrophe, global war and global warming. Its time we tried global "warmth." We must change the business and humanitarian rhythm of the world.


The mission of The Global Collective is to systematically identify and then work toward the eradication of each and every problem that impedes the growth and vitality of our Communities and all human beings ability to have peace, safety and prosperity. One of the biggest issues to date is our misdirected ambition for equality in America.


We do not need equal. We were born equal. What we need is self-sufficiency. We need and must have power and influence. We do this by re-shaping our communities in the image of our rich cultural heritage as queens and kings. The biggest issue troubling us as a people is how to make a difference and the Global Collective is a new solution to an age-old problem. The Global Collective is inexorably positioning itself to be the largest Network of mutually supportive minority-owned businesses.


At every moment we must live our ideals. Our actions and energy must always be expended in the quest to become more aware of the divine in ourselves and through that awareness become more immersed in the connective and creative power that sustains us all.


We can grow our businesses and at the same time be on the alert for those who are at the beginning point of their journey of convergence—always understanding that the seminal event which prompts the first step of this journey is not the same for everyone. And we must single-mindedly embrace the reality that as we rise we become as one—we converge. And as we step through this gateway, we understand that our success and our security are based on the purity of our behavior with each other and all forms of life in our environment, and on our unwavering resolve to bring forward this higher standard of being for all.


Remember: "Remain true to yourself, but move ever upward toward greater consciousness and greater love! At the summit you will find yourselves united with all those who, from every direction, have made the same ascent. For everything that rises must converge." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


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