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We Are The Dawn

Understanding the problem is only half the battle. The question is "now what"? What do inspired people all over the Country do with their passion and enthusiasm to see a change?

Do we fight, riot, boycott? Will any of these things be effective? All of those things have been done with nothing but more problems created as a result.

When we stop taking the position of begging for fairness and equality and create it, everything will shift. Stop waiting for someone else to hand you what you deserve, they will never feel motivated to do so, it’s not their problem.

The only body of people who will care about you and your children is your own, although it even seems some of our own are indifferent. How do we shake indifference? Their sons were not murdered; their cities were not poisoned, so out of sight out of mind. A blind person could see there is a problem, and the biggest, scariest part is to take action. Back to the question that begun this article, what action?

Businesses that want to be a part of change and not just talk about it, and for individuals or even families that have been inspired but what you've read here, contact the Global Collective with your ideas, find out where the Global Collective is active near you and participate in any way you can. Teach your children they have a choice, this societal reality of fear and limitations does not have to be their own..



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