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To protect and serve who?

Law Enforcement in its current state is a mere shadow of what it should be. Law Enforcement has become a money making, power hungry, control based organization instead of protection for its citizens.

The very fact that there is monthly quota’s to meet surmises the issue at hand. The function the Police were intended to serve has been replaced with justifiable fear wrought panic. Do I have to worry about my child being shot for no other reason than being outside and playing, racially profiled or harassed?

There have been too many inexcusable murders for business to continue as usual.

Why have we not moved to non-lethal forms of law enforcement?

Why are we shooting to kill first, and then asking questions later.

Why hasn't this been addressed?

Why are the police officers committing these murders, only marginally being held accountable? Why is the murderer of a 12 year old boy free?

What is the solution?

Why don't we show America what "To Protect & Serve" really means? Establish our own "Peace Enforcement". Start by going into our own communities and cleaning them up ourselves, the crack houses, drug dealers, and gun runners. Give the young folks who are using those destructive activities as a coping mechanism for not having any hope and not seeing any other way; hope & another way!

Provide sustainable income and a sense of purpose. Let's arm these "Peace Keepers" with non-lethal means of keeping the peace. Train them in lethal countermeasures, let the peace keepers become the stability and protection that your cities call upon when in need.

Let us not forget, the Police have much of their power because we give it to them. Hire only after physiological evaluation and only those who "believe" in and want to be apart of change.

‪#PEACEENFORCEMENT#‎limitationsareanillusion‬ #WEARETHEDAWN #redifineourculture

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