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Who is being served?

Why should we feel helpless and be made to accept corruption and abuse by the very people, put in office is to serve our best interests? Any elected official should be able to show a track record of "what they have done for us lately". If they can't they should be removed from office and replaced, period, no exceptions!

Ridiculous expenses while people are homeless and starving should be rewarded with termination from office. Both afflictions are, and always have been preventable and too many people live below the poverty line to justify some of the salaries and lifestyles that "Public Servants" live, at the tax payers expense.

There has to be a form of accountability to address things like the genocide attempted in Flint Michigan. There is no way any of the officials who let that happen, should still be in office after poisoning an entire City.

If the US government is not holding them accountable for their actions, then who will?

The correct answer to that question is we will! There should be no debate or deliberation required when something so blatantly insane happens. We elect our own officials, not find ourselves at the mercy of the candidate with the biggest purse. People would take a more active role in electing City Officials if they had hope, if they could believe that their votes meant something.


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